About DCMO

Our Commitment To Survivors


We believe that every person is like an exquisite diamond, even in the rough. Don't Count Me Out, Inc. (DCMO), is building and sustaining strong communities. We believe in helping those in need, especially the most vulnerable in our society. DCMO echoes the sentiments of the renowned movie producer, Ava DuVernay. In her Netflix Exclusive movie “13th,” she explains that her movie’s purpose is to inspire viewers to move beyond social media rants. There is a constant exchange of views about the issues we face today, however DuVernay promotes addressing the real issues that affect our everyday lives. DCMO does just that!  

DCMO is reaching out to communities all over the world to give families who have been over looked and systematically set up for failure, an opportunity to be healed and have a voice. Whether it's orchestrating a Bailout, building Tiny Homes for the homeless, helping survivors exiting high control groups start a new life, assisting our partners in 3rd world countries support the poor in their countries or help someone who has never voted to have a voice, we are here to serve the entire community.

Articles – DCMO was founded in the year 2016 in Atlanta Georgia. The founders who are originally from Cincinnati Ohio saw a need for the Kaleidoscope Project on so many levels in various venues. The project is modeled after a Proctor & Gamble executive training series began in 1996 created by Dr. Margie Wells Davis, Monique James and several other subject matter experts. Groups of 10 at a time receive the personal development services which include a 3-day, 2-night retreat followed-up by emotional, physical, social, mental, and spiritual well-being empowerment training over a 6-month period.

Mission statements – It's our mission to help the most vulnerable in the world heal and facilitate that process through our innovative strategies.  

Company policies – We are a equal opportunity employer who operates in a peaceful and respectful work environment.