The Atlanta Bailout

The Inspiration


The Atlanta Father's Day Bailout was inspired by the film 13th by Ava Duvernay and documentary Slavery By Another Name. The mass incarceration of people of color began shortly after the end of chattel slavery and has continued until today. 

Starting At The Drawing Board


 DCMO Executive Director Monique James (R) and Atlanta Municipal Court  Judge Terrinee L. Gundy (L) worked together to create a system where Father's Day Bailout participants could be released on Signature Bonds  in a group for the first time in Atlanta's history.

Help From Law Enforcement


During Atlanta's first Father's Day Bailout in 2017, we could not have succeeded with out the help of the Atlanta Public Defenders department and the Atlanta Department of Corrections. 

The Release


 Help us build  our communities by releasing parents  jailed for "Quality of Life"  charges such as jaywalking, not having a license present, asking for a cigarette or just being homeless.

The Life Changer


 Through our  Kaleidoscope Project, we provide emotional, physical, mental, social and  spiritual well-being training. It begins  with our 3-day and 2-night Survival Empowerment Retreat. 

Families Are Reunited


 In the end with the Atlanta Bailout, parents are brought back to their children. Those  individuals can be home with their families instead of spending tax  payers dollars housed in a jail cell.  

Father's Day Bailout

The Atlanta Father's Day Bailout. We thank our community partners for making this family reunification successful!

Atlanta Bailout

The Atlanta Bailout is a Golden Ticket out of jail and into a new life-A Survivors Story.

Bailout Empowerment/Survival Retreat

Through our Kaleidoscope Project, we jump start personal development with physical and mental challenges for the participants. This is what happens at our Empowerment/Survival Retreat!  

Expanding Their World View

Many Bailout participants have never voted in their lives. DCMO partners with community organizations to make sure all those released for the Bailout and their families have a voice. We give a special thanks to Spread The Vote for assisting our Bailout participants to obtain their birth certificates, state I.D. and registering them to vote.

Working Cooperatively With...

The Gateway Center


The Gateway Center, located in Atlanta Georgia, strives to make homelessness, rare, brief through strategic and innovative programs and services as part  of our collective impact model. Gateway has consistently provided housing, job training, connection to services like Mercy Care and so much more for Bailout participants. Gateway's staff has given the Bailout participants the care and attention they need to reach self-sufficiency.

Hosea Helps


Hosea identifies families and individuals that are at risk of slipping into poverty or that are living in poverty, and then mobilizes financial resources, products and volunteers to solve their problems and stabilize those households. Hosea volunteers have provided holistic support to the bailout participants, from haircuts upon release to family starter kits for each person released. 

Atlanta Municipal Court


The Atlanta Bailout is successful in large part due to the cooperation of the Atlanta Municipal. Judge Terrinee L. Gundy lead the charge to release the first Father's Day Bailout participant in 2017 on Signature Bond. She has been a faithful supporter of the people released and their families. As a result of the Signature Bonds, Judge Gundy  orchestrated the change in bail policies in the Municipal Court and later the City of Atlanta.